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  1. When things are posted in chat in game, there is either an L, T, S, or it says "To IGN" (depends on which chat group you just posted in.

    I don't know if this is a good idea or not; but I think it would be cool if there was a Little Letter indicating which chat Channel you are currently in. The location, I think should be Just to the left of the Chat Line (Yes, I know there isn't any space there currently)

    The reason behind it, which most people have probably experienced, is I tend to forget which Chat channel I am in, Type something up really Fancy, and I message it to just the Local channel.
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  2. I usually type a period '.' before I type something if I've been switching back and forth. Seems like that would be a simple thing to code. Score another good idea for the Suggestion Box.
  3. do /ch who
  4. /ch who will work too. Pressing "t" and seeing (L) on the input line would do the same thing without any extra effort on my behalf.
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  5. We all know how to see which channel you are in, but I think there could be an easier way- especially when you are switching back and forth and back and forth; and accidently forget to switch channels and post something very awkward in town chat. Then I am all like

    See more on Know Your Meme
  6. I think everyone's done that if they use chat much. If you ever see me say '.' in town chat, you'll know I'm in a conversation with at least one person.
  7. I'm pretty sure this would have to be done client side (using mods not plugins) since it alters part of Minecraft it's self. Hopefully I'm wrong though. :)
  8. I look at this and try to figure out what is so familiar about the request.. and then it me... no only is there a mod for that

    its an EMC exclusive staff made mod :p
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  9. Whoa, I had no idea... Downloading this mod as soon as I can :D - Can always reset mods and be neither be ahead or behind... Thanks a ton for this link!!!