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  1. I'll start off with 2 little typos I found in the chat guide:

    "Turning Chat Completely Off
    If you would like some peace and quite you may turn off chat. You will not see and chat messages or the messages when players leave or join. If someone tries to private message you, they will be given a message that you have chat turned off. "
    Also, I notice big style mistakes.

    Next, I have a suggestion.
    I often want to turn the town chat off, but still have the private messages available at the time. So why not make a command for this, if it's possible. :)
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  2. Yeah, I don't know if that is possible but it is a good idea!
  3. It used to be possible, I swear. Or I'm going mad, I'm not sure. I think the reason it was removed was that it it caused unneeded strain on the server because apparently it was hardly used. I think it was used a lot to be honest.
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  4. I would LOVE that option to turn off private messages. :)
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  5. I have already contancted ICC few days ago about having an option to give something like "chat flag" to the player, so he can talk to you even if you have /ch off.

    P.S. Wait, you can recieve private messages even with /ch off? Is that what you guys are saying?
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  6. You used to be able to do /leave town, Which I used all the time but apparently it caused 'Lag' and noone used it.
  7. ...Yes^ It caused lag because the server had to track which messages were from /tell, local, /ch s and the stress of this slowed it down... I think :eek:
  8. If anything it causes more lag when it's on as it has to send the data to everyone.
  9. hmmm, then I'm thinnking how about a small client sided mod, that would filter the messages, that start with for example "T " or "L " or when the text shows in purple. I think its more simple. I wonder if there are any of these mods, or if its possible to suggest making mods somewhere.
  10. /ch off
  11. Has anyone here tried this mod, by D1223M?

    It breaks out chat into different windows. I haven't tried it, but it may be possible to turn off the Town chat, for example, leaving the others working. If not, perhaps we could get him to add this feature?

    I've skipped around a bit in the thread's eight pages to try and see what features it has as it's been under development by D1223M. It looks like people may be "turning off" different chat channels by setting that channel's chat to a transparent color.

    If I can find a revision log or anything else that confirms this, I'll post it.
  12. cool stuff, cool stuff, and i guess changing the chat color to invisible could do the work, although not having some huge blank spaces between needed chat lines would be even better :p
    or maybe I misunderstood... I'll look into that thread.
    Edit: yes, now I get it... but still its so sad that the chat won't fade :/