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  1. >>There should be a 1-5 minute cooldown on the use of town chat inbetween messages.<

    It gets annoying seeing things like;
    -who wanst be my wife!?!
    -mum hi lols
    -i don more
    -tim hide and see
    -supercute234 r u a girl?

    In town chat.

    Do I really have to suffer this to be available when people need help, I want to sell things, or maybe buy?

    I've tried encouraging people politely to use /ch l or /tell [name] but it doesn't help at all.
    I know me and the other mature players are tired of this garbage filling the screen.

    I think people will get the hint, and if not, than it wont be as BIG a problem.

    This will cut back a lot on spam, and frustration.

    Thank you.
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  2. You can always just do /ignore or /chat off if it gets too unbearable for you
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  4. Justin is working on some improved chat features right now. There is a current thread discussing this. Your suggestions could be useful there.
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  5. Nab27, don't be condescending without even thoroughly reading my post.
    Unsquareable and Edmund;
    Yea I thought of additional channels like 'trade' etc. as well. I'll be sure to check out those links. Thank you.

    Also Unsq, We have to set the bar higher the rest. =]
  6. I think if we all do our part of self moderating chat from time to time , it will improve the quality of chat. We can't expect Moderators to be online 24/7 , they have lives as well. We all have a different opinion on what's acceptable in chat or not. I can't talk for moderators , but i'm sure it would make their jobs easier if we used the /report more often when things get out hands.
  7. I apologize if my post sounded condescending as it was not meant to be. I was just saying that was an option since it sounded like it got frustrating for you at times. I'm sure there are individual players that you can ignore if they are saying the things you talked about in your earlier post that would help reduce some of the problem
  8. It's no big deal. The problem with that is- (and what I already said) networking is a valuable and essential part any good multi-player experience. When it becomes saturated with pointless dialogue- it becomes frustrating. The cure shouldn't be no chat at all. I occasionally turn off chat, or ignore people but it doesn't really help the experience of the game.

    Yea- but I clearly said that
    Oh I do- helps a little, 5% of them actually get kicked.