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  1. chascarrillo Skin creator.jpg
    ->How to place an order:
    1. Fill this form:
    Especifications (Anything you want):

    2. Wait until the creation has been accepted and made.
    (Maximum of 24 hours, depending in how much orders are in the queue)

    3. Enjoy your custom skin/TP! :)

    IMPORTANT: HD TP's will be mods of other existant TP's.
  2. IGN: nfell2009
    Product: TP + Skin
    Especifications (Anything you want): TP - Something smooth and simple such as FaithfulVenom. Skin - Something to be cool yet classic and represents me!
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  3. Order accepted and in proccess. you will have it for free in 1,5 hours.
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  5. IGN:mini40000
    Product:Texture Pack + skin
    Especifications : Something like Ocd
    As u sad for free :)
  6. IGN: SuperVal_Junior
    Product: Texture Pack
    Especifications (Anything you want): Assassin Creed-y
  7. It will be certainly hard to make. but the 10 first orders are free, so...
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  8. IGN:Terrydaterrorist!
    Product: Texture Pack!
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  9. Both accepted, coming in 30 minutes after nfell's :)
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  10. ???
  11. A smooth texture pack pls
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  12. Nfell's texture pack and skin are done, tell me what website or way to send it to you, ok?
  13. Sure, what do you understand for smooth?
  14. I will PM you
  15. Kman122000
    Take Sphax PureBDCraft 32x
    Edit the rose to fit in the flower pot.
    Make the glass panes connect when set next to each other. The glass already does it.
  16. IGN: Harukono
    Product: Tp
    Especifications (Anything you want): 128x An improved minecraft texturepack.
  17. ok, guys, HD texture packs can only be MODIFIED from existent ones, ok?
  18. I'll try to post your skin here and the texture in Mediafire
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  19. IGN: Harukono
    Product: TP
    Especifications (Anything you want): Smooth texture pack, like sphax or faithful. (Could I have my name in my inventory (QuantumCrunker) Not Harukono?
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  20. The HD Textures are nearly finished :)