Charlie the Unicorn

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  1. So I happened to find this on the weird side of youtube.
    It's called Charlie the Unicorn. The first episode of this was from 2008 so I have no idea how I haven't seen this before...

    I am a millipede I am mysterious...
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  2. i cannot believe you've never seen this before.... i freaking love the candy mountain song!

    .... and i'm also glad i ruined that ridiculous "first" crap that people do.
  3. Yea >_< It's so funny too. I watched the Charlie the unicorn series too (has foul language so no video for you) and I think it would happen to Charlie xD
  4. lol i know one of the artists. oh god my kidney
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  5. i'm sure i should be worried... my son came over to see what i was watching. now he's laughing >.< and copying what they say.

    i also think this is a better love story than twilight.
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  6. Charlie... Charlie....!!!
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  7. Yea, another odd one from that era is salad fingers, its really creepy, so dont look it up unless your prepared to be scared or creeped out, anyone remember homestar runner? Strongbad is da coolest.
  8. Actually, it's even worse...First episode was posted on Newgrounds, 26th November 2005...
  9. :O
  10. You should watch Charlie Teh Unicorn. They are by the same guy and are really funny. Here's a link to the first one.