[CHARITY] Support 5!

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  1. We are non-profit organization who takes in no money, we support all players on smp5 and host smp5 only giveaways. We are run by HF Industries whose employees volunteer to help out.

    /v 11463 charity but we also run stuff off the forums

    What can I get?
    We sell random stuff for a variety of prices, theres a chest and you can select how much you wish to pay for the same item. Also, you can look in our preview chests for anything that you might need and then PM me and the item will be on your way.

    Can I donate?
    Of course! For rupee donations send it to fBuilderS and notify me that its for charity. For item donations put them in the donation chest and /v 11463 charity

    What if I'm not an smp5 resident?
    Sorry! But we may expand to other smp's if all goes well =]
  2. Cool!
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  3. Bump, now helping with griefs partly using GRIP services :)