Charity For New players on EMC

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Is this a good idea?

Yes 10 vote(s) 41.7%
No 14 vote(s) 58.3%
  1. I am starting off a charity that helps players start off in EMC. It will give them a pack of a couple of things to get em started. Every time someone donates the fund goes up the fund is used to get som eof the items. Please donate by actually paying me (wipple4) and write a post here with how much you donated and it will be added to the fund. I hope this helps every player. If you are a new player post this form but completed I will check and if you are saying your a new player and your not I will not give. New players qualify up to 5 days.
    Date joined (Will be checked) -
    How long do you think you will play EMC for a week -
    Do you think you will give up EMC for a while -
    Will these items help you or will it be better off for someone else -

    Charity Fund - This is a new charity.
    0r - were just starting out.
  2. What server are you doing this on?
  3. Like this idea!
  4. all
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  5. You should talk to jackbiggin he is doning something similair with the Community castle on smp1.
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  6. I always get uneasy when we talk about people handing other people's money. Newbies start out with 1500r if memory serves, and with a little work they can quickly increase that amount.

    Who decides who gets this charity? What are the criteria used for determining who gets the charity? Is there a set amount of charity per player? Do new players petition for charity? There are so many unanswered questions.

    Sums of money held in the hand of someone who did not work for it is trouble.
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  7. It says 300r max
    Yes you must be new
    I am fair and was new once and i remember i needed more rupees, thats why i do it
    There is certian criterea *not strict*
  8. This is actually kind of a bad idea, even as nice as it's meant to be. It would be less fun if people just gave you everything you would ever need as soon as you log on.
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  9. Yes. You might never think about it... but you might hurt them from actually making money for themselves. Instead, they will beg in the chat for rupees and doing really simple jobs. I know this is over exaggerating, but if I was I would've said that people might make other accounts and get the rupees from you and give them to their main account and get their friends involved too... but obviously that's over exaggerating. So I voted No.
  10. Your better off gathering a small pack of a couple of iron tools and some food, and giving that better than rups
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  11. Well I might do that as that is a bad idea but i still need donations to get the packs ill sort it out today or tommorow
  12. I think this is a bad idea because they may say they will be here for time, then leave and never come back. This is bad because it is a waste of rupees.
  13. i could supply iron swords, helms, and shovels. possibly iron bars which i get from my zombie grinder
  14. Hey! you copied my followers idea :D but, you know what they say: its not copying its just that they like your idea
  15. You could supply if thats ok
  16. ?
  17. I think that's bad idea. On smp9 we have tons of people who are too lazy to buy logs or planks to make sticks out of them. No, they won't buy logs, they want to buy sticks directly! If they can't get sticks, they will rather beg and spam the chat for half an hour for someone to sell them sticks. (this is not just new players).

    Another example is jobs: They are spamming the chat "who can give me a job", then you offer a job for wood supllying, but they won't supply it for 50-60 a stack, they want to sell me 100r per stack. But when they need to buy logs, then they want it 40r per stack. I mean, 50r per stack is a lot imo, especially for new players. I can chop at least 15 stacks easily in half an hour, which means 15*50 = 750r in half an hours in that case.

    Another bad point is you want to give money to new players. Many of new players gets banned gor unappropriate language, greifing, spamming etc. Do you really want to support such people?

    I love to help new players with giving them food, torches, tools and some basic stuff for starters. But I'm not happy with people begging for rupees and free stuff everyday, while they're too lazy to step out of town to mine some stuff or even worse; like i said before - too lazy to make sticks, torches etc. And on top of that newbie comes to my shop and says you have expensive glowstone, when i sell it for lowest price (20r), because they think you just need to step in nether and glowstone will fall down the sky or something...
  18. With all the issues on smp1 with wipples gambling casino i would love for him to team up with a mod.

    If so ill have no issues giving you what you need.
  19. I agree, so many people now just EXPECT everything to be handed to them and that they shouldn't pay one rupee, its very annoying and lots of people have worked hard and they are proud of it. How can you be proud to think you need everything handed to you when you haven't done one thing.. IMO
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  20. SLEEP!