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  1. Hi,
    Let me say I really like what EMC is. It is a unique MC experience, that I really enjoy now that I have adapted to the particulars of it. Very creative, keeps the core experience of vanilla in tact while enhancing where vanilla falls short.
    One thing I will say I do miss from other servers is this...a character skill development system. The plugin called MCMMO is a brilliant customizable skill system which lets a player tailor his skill set in game depending on his activities he engages in. In short it's like training or practice, the less imaginative might call it grinding. Sure you know what I am talking about.
    EMC has already demonstrated that it's about improving MC, not just about adding additional layers of coding. Just adding MCMMO into it, doesn't seem to be an option the way the SMP's are set up, neither would it fit without distorting the already great experience. I have full confidence that what ever the dev team would come up with, it would fit better into core EMC than MCMMO would.
    Perhaps you could rely on a rupee sink system that lets you buy skills and build on them. A title or rank system. Maybe a supplemental career system. Special abilities perhaps. An achievement system with rewards to game play. Player activities that become easier or have more options the better you get at them. I don't know your game better than I do. For some of us, character development is something we take pride in achieving and displaying. It is one thing I look for when scoping for MC servers to play on. What has kept me here despite it's absence, has been just how darn good a server EMC is!
    Can't expect something like this to be built over a weekend. I know software development takes time, and even what appears to be a simple implementation, takes many man hours of coding and coordination. If I were to challenge staff with this undertaking, I wouldn't expect any game mechanics for a year. A year seems long, but planning, partitioning the task, maybe delegating, will make it all happen in a steady deliberate way.
    We don't get everything we ask for, but if we don't ask, we surely won't. That's why I posted this in the hopes that when time, energy, and inspiration become available for a project like this, someone in authority will undertake it. I know if EMC does it, based on what I have seen so far, it will be excellent!
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  2. Personally I dislike any aspect of Empire Minecraft having any MMO/RPG aspects.
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  3. explain why? :O
  4. i agree with penguindj, emc is supposed to be vanilla ish and what you're saying is more like them rpg servers.
  5. 100% with u on this
  6. Why the reluctance towards character development? Its another activity in game. Haven't heard reasons, just refusal so far.
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  7. Some sort of player growth system would be cool. Aikar's Vision for the future thread talks about something sort of like this where players can complete quests to earn prizes. Although fairly different, the basic idea of having goals and being awarded for them is in the works.
  8. Mcmmo = Super cheap diamonds :/ What fun is that :)
  9. I don't want to see this on EMC. EMC is good just as it is, as well, Im pretty sure that this plug-in has already been suggested. Ill check though.
  10. Well, not saying it has to mean cheap diamonds. I also said MCMMO wouldn't work for EMC. I meant a customized EMC skill or ability system. MCMMO is a one-size-fits-all plugin, which wouldn't be to our advantage. The economy is well run, I don't want to see it distorted either. Whats needed is foresight and balance. EMC is not true vanilla anyway, if your a purist. EMC is enhanced by systems as it is, so it's not a true vanilla community. It has flags, vouchers, groups, friends, and a host of other features which we all adore. I am positive that if the dev team came up with a self development system it would be adored too. After all, it would definitely give depth to the game. I like the idea of quests and achievements, glad it's been proposed as a possibility.
  11. to me, reward systems & achievements are for MC games such as sky blocks or prisons. EMC is survival and you can get anything you want with time:
    want haste: get a beacon
    Want granite: buy it or mine it

    to me EMC doesn't really require a reward system, as /vote is already good enough
  12. i agree with this, we dont need any more reward systems
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  13. i saw that ;)
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  14. Well, didn't mean with increased ability you'd get a block you wanted. Just meant if you do stuff for long enough it would become easier. Take fishing for instance, the more you fish the better you get at it. The easier it is to catch a fish, would have stats to show who the best fishermen are based on experience. That's just one example.
    The quests and expeditions idea is good as a substitute. That way your abilities don't change, but there are accomplishments associated with playing the game. Besides, voting is an incentive system, not a skill system or achievement system based on game play.
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  15. Nice to get a discussion of pro's vs. con's...Instead of just yes or no, or I like it, or I don't like it. You would think even dreaming about depth of game play would inspire. If all people want is status-quo, then boredom will eventually creep in. Using the analogy of personal improvement, if EMC doesn't continually improve with time it too will be seen as one dimensional. I know they just had a vote on what improvements players wanted them to implement, so I am not saying they are not conscious of change over time. Just saying people that comment, 'I don't want anything to change' could be viewed as dismissive or obstructionist.
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  16. emc is drastically against alienating new users, ive played on many servers with this plugin and it does exactly that, here is some examples:
    im a new player, just worked my butt off to get god gear and be able to compete in pvp. another player has been playing for a year and has the exact same gear as me but pvps regularly daily and thus has higher attack power and defense. he two hit ko's me while i have a god apple on because his stats are insane.

    example 2: im building a base in the wild after being a townie for years another player who spends all his time building and has the haste stats to build and destroy quicker comes up alongside me building a different base and establishes it before i realise whats going on.

    theres more but i dont remember what the plugin does anymore cause i left all those servers and almost exclusively play emc now.

    that and the fact that keeping older players info logged causes lag, and its a client side mod which mostly wont be accepted by aikar unless he built it himself
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  17. MCMMO is an already suggested idea that is denied. Locking thread.
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