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  1. Hi everyone, hope you're having a wonderful day!
    I've been thinking lately that I'd like to change my username, maybe something without my name in this time. Now, I'm rubbish at coming up with things like this, so I thought I'd ask you all for some help -that's if you don't mind. I've tried all kinds of name generators with favourite animals , favourite colour ect. But nothing too good. . I'd quite like something to do with ducks, since it would be fitting to my profile picture , and who doesn't love ducks?! x,D

    Thanks for your help!
    -Hannah :p
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  2. HannahEB is a good name ;) No _ or numbers
  3. Yea , because you thought of it xD
  4. I would suggest HannahMontana, but it's taken. :(
  5. Lol xD
  6. HannahBanana
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  7. Hm, I wouldn't know, I don't know you very well.
  9. Ducktator (The Duck Dictator)
  10. ItsMeDuckie?
    Hehe ;)
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  11. BaronessClementineOfDuckshire
    Pretty British, has duck on it and doesn't have your name!
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  12. I personally have always loved your name. My wife's name is Hannah and my first game nickname was EB so seeing your name always made me chuckle.
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  13. Credits to me for inventing it ;)
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  14. Just thought I'd make a note here and say there's no rush to change your name. There's nothing that says you have to, just keep some ideas going and you can choose later on down the line. Feel free to ask other people like you are doing so but I personally found with my alt names changes that the names simply came to me over time.

    I'm that person who never knew what to put in as the name when making their accounts, but I find that I think of names easier if I don't actually think about it so hard. It sounds strange, but it seems easier to me, ideas just come along and some of them are good... Yeah, hope that helps at least a little! :p
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  15. tl;dr:
    Don't think about it
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  16. love it xD
  17. Eh, it wasn't that long to really need a tl;dr really, but that is basically what I was saying :p Let the ideas come to you
  18. It's taken :( It can be "ItsMeDucky"? xD
  19. Yea :D
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  20. DucksUponDucks
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