Changing Incitatus speed

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  1. Due to the fact that Incitatus is the speed of a cheetah, cheetahs run 70 mph, and 70 mph is 31.2928 meters per second. Hope you like!
  2. No... I'm kidding I agree that it should have that set speed
  3. Good idea. Let's recall every single incitatus and change it to this one.

    Just keep it the same. Not much in minecraft is true to real life.
  4. But I absolutely love to break trees with my bare fists in real life. :( #LetDown
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  5. Are you serious? THAT is the sole problem with this idea? How about the fact that we don't want horses running across a residence in 2 seconds? /facepalm Jk
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  6. Max speed? :p
    Edit-grey text!!
  7. I drank a fire resist potion to swim in lava, so good thing that's still true in minecraft like real life.
  8. I can eat rotten flesh without being considered a cannibal thanks to Minecraft. Dreams really do come true..
  9. The real world (universe) is an illusion created by our collective imagination. So in some sense Minecraft is just another illusion that we live in for a while.
  10. Wut?
  11. Quoting the End Poem, saying how Minecraft is simply one of the "Dreams" we play or watch for imaginative freedom.
  12. I get it.
  13. It wasn't what I meant actually. But it doesn't matter.
  14. What's the point of making everything in Minecraft literal and realistic? That's like starting a rebuttal in a debate with "Then why in Minecraft..."
  15. We have the most realistic game already - the real world.
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  16. Yeah, but the real world game sucks! :( The gameplay is terrible.
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  17. Naw. I love my 130 speed promo horsey
  18. Instead of bumping the speed down on the horses, why don't we make the blocks bigger !
    And make ourselves taller. But the poor horses will stay the same so they will run proportionally fast to their size and not be cheetahs.
  19. He is proposing we make the horses go faster.
    I lag so much :(
  20. I hate the weight feature. But I am getting high scores on it.
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