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What do you think about this idea?

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I like it, but don't think it will be implemented 10 vote(s) 47.6%
I love it, and I think it will be supported by the staff! 7 vote(s) 33.3%
Luckily, I think this will not be implemented, cause I don't think it's fair 4 vote(s) 19.0%
I think this is terrible, but I'm afraid it will be implemented. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi! It's me again.

    You may all know you can get free rupees by voting for empire minecraft on different sites.
    When you didn't, you can check it out under the rupees tab.

    I like it how it works and I like the secret bonuses too.

    But I think it's not good that when you didn't vote for one day, you have to start all over.
    I know it's important for EMC that players will vote every day, and so I figured this:

    When you don't vote for one day, you will get the day after that 3/4 of the previous day bonus.
    When you do not do it for two days, its 1/2, and for three days 1/4.

    Now I have a example.
    RainbowChin has voted for 100 days.
    The next day he do not have the time and don't vote, but the day after that he does.
    So he gets day bonus 76(100 * 3/4 = 75, + 1 for that day is 76)
    Charascillo voted for 5 days, but then he is fed up with it, and doesn't vote for two days.
    The thirdt day after the last vote, he gets regret and votes again.
    Now he gets day bonus 3(5 * 1/2 = 2,5 rounded down to 2, + 1 for that day is 3)
    Now monorailx is voting for 207 days, but then he discovers he doesn't have enough time for stocking up his shop.
    So he decides to do not vote for 3 days, but start voting again after that.
    Then he gets day bonus 52(207 * 1/4 = 51,75 rounded down to 51, + 1 for that day is 51)
    Now, for the final example, Lasluin starts voting for 10 days, but after that ten days she is too much playing zelda, and doesn't have enough time for voting.
    Then, a week later, she votes again.
    She is confused by getting day bonus 1(10 * 0 = 0, + 1 for that day is 1.

    I think this if fair, cause you don't have to start all over with it, but people will keep trying to vote every day.
    I hope this is clearly enough for you.
    Tell me what you think about it.
  2. Wow. That is actually a great idea :D
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  3. Have I? :rolleyes:
    But on a note, I do like the idea, simple forgetting to vote one day can cost you too much
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  4. Thanks for the support!
  5. I used to vote daily, but then I missed a day and didn't bother voting again, if this was in place I would definitely keep voting.
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  6. Well this is completely accurate! My bonuses always resets after a few days because I've got to save Hyrule! It would be great that my Hero of Time duties didn't cost me having to start all over again :p

    But seriously, when you miss one day by a few hours and it restarts the bonus, it kinda discourages you from voting. Then I tell myself that voting is good to get new people too and it's not only for the money, but still, it's a bit of a pain. I like this idea, it makes you want to keep voting nonetheless.
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  7. Especially when you have to go back in time 7 years, you have to vote all over again :D
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  8. I aprove...
    But I'm not important <3
  9. Final bump for making sure staff has seen this
  10. I would keep voting every day.....if i could remember/be on every day......
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  11. this is a really really really really really good idea
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  12. Good idea!
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  13. It just happened to me today :( I couldn't vote because last day I did it too late and today, after 24 + 6 hours, it's got reset... Urgh, at least it should give a bit more margin before restarting again.
  14. The way you put it is a bit too complicated.

    I agree we can improve it, but I would rather do something like if you miss a day, you lose 5 days worth of chain.

    Then your at least not drastically losing it..

    The full loss of chain was meant to be a huge reward for people who do keep the chain up, as we will be adding items like Vault vouchers to the chains too... But if people dont lose the full thing, we will have to raise the # required to get it.
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  15. ^^^
  16. Alright, then forget what I said, I think I will never miss a day, and don't want the requirements for big rewards go higher:)