Change Your Splash Screen!

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  1. Who's bored of all these DEFAULT splash screen messages. Now in 2D, Peter Griffin, BORING!
    In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to turn THAT, into this:

    STEP 1: Open your .minecraft file. Search %appdata% and select "Roaming". .minecraft should be one of the folders, click it.

    STEP 2: You should see a something like this:

    Select the bin folder

    STEP 3:

    Select the minecraft jar folder, open through WinRAR or whatever...

    STEP 4:

    Once in the Minecraft Jar file, select the Title folder.

    STEP 5:

    Select the splashes.txt file, and modify at will! You can add to the defaults, or just do your own.

    If your successful, you should have your own messages, like this:

    Hope this helped! You'll have much more interesting splash screens!
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