[Change] Who's Bayymaxx?

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to talk about my name change! So, I used to be HelloKittyRo! But now, I'm BayyMaxx!

    My name inspired me because I love Baymax and he is sooooo cute! That's why I have a name for him! But don't worry, in 30 days, I'll be changing it back to HelloKittyRo. This is a once in a lifetime thing to see me with a different name!

    I have had some previous names!
    1. HelloKittyRo (original)
    2. SydneyDoesMc
    3. _SunrisePVP
    4. LeopardKitty
    5. SydKitty__
    6. AngelHelloKittyRo
    7. Back to HelloKittyRo
    And now, Bayymaxx! I hope you all like my new name and the changes I made :)

  2. Reserved Comment! :D
  3. Cute
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  4. I will always remember you as HelloKittyRO
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  5. Thanks!
    :3, but I'll be changing it back to HelloKittyRo in a 30 days :)
  6. Not if I steal it first.

    I will be HelloKittyRo >: D
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  7. Don't steel my name. Or, I'll have you reported.
  8. For what may I ask?
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  9. The name isn't available for 36 days I believe so you should have time to change it back.

    Also this is not something tha is reportable as there is nothing that could be done.
  10. I don't like it when people steel my name :(
  11. cool :)
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  12. Hello giant marshmallow robot.
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  13. If you forget to change it back and someone else takes it then there's nothing you can do about it, I'm afraid.

    But this will take some getting used to XD
  14. Kinda hoping she forgets for the week that it's protected and I can change one of my alt's names to HKR.
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  15. May I ask, why Bayymaxx? Personally, I don't think that I'm going to get used to this name change... :p
  16. I think it is that Big White Robot from Big Hero 6?
    Forgive me if I crossed some unknown barrier because I haven't seen the movie.
  17. The name change is all well and good. Big Hero 6 is a cute movie if you ask me ^_^ What I don't understand, however, is how this a one time thing? You go on to state that you've had several name changes. I'm just a bit unclear on that.
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  18. Hmm didn't even notice that, good point lol
  19. What if I were to iron it?
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  20. I'll gold it.
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