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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by funkyblue31, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    I would like suggest that a section on how to change the client version to a 1.7.x be added to the new player guide. Working with certain items, such as doors, is a little confusing if you are using 1.8 client. The doors try to stack in the inventory. I also seem to have less lag now that I run 1.7.9.

    I've tried to give instructions to players in game, but It's kind of difficult to since they have to exit the game to change the version.
  2. I believe there is a guide on how to do it somewhere on the forums, i would try and find it for you but i am on my phone right now getting ready for college :/. I'll have a look tonight when i get back if you haven't found it by then :)
  3. I am getting no lag on 1.8 but I do agree that the doors are confusing when they stack. Good idea, but don't be completely sure that players will want to change their version of minecraft. + you could send them a private message on the forums telling them how to do it. :) :p