Challenging Youtubers of EMC

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Are You a Youtuber?

Yes 7 vote(s) 50.0%
No, but i do watch youtube 4 vote(s) 28.6%
One of these days! 3 vote(s) 21.4%
  1. Hey guys! I want to fight all of EMC Youtubers, Why? I like to see your point of view and to have a challenge as well. So if your a Youtuber and would like a pvp challenge let me know!


    No Hating!
    No Potions, Gold Apples ,or any health items!
    Be a Good Sport!
    Don't brag!
    No hacked clients! (just to make sure there's no hackers)
    Staff can participate too (everyone can play!)
    Must Be Recording
    The Video Must Be Uploaded

    If you have a sibling that plays MineCraft too that is a Youtuber that is on the same account. Let me know! So I can know who is fighting me.

    There is no prizes involed this is just for fun

    If you want Link me your channel!

    Enderking :cool:
  2. Lol fight me >:)
  3. Muahahahaha Ima lose :(
  4. Careful who you challenge I show no mercy
    You might win a round who knows?
  5. Probably not :p
  6. Coolblox is too op
  7. you're*
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  8. Literally the funniest thing I've seen all day is you correcting a meme xD
  9. Ultimamaxx has been hired as a Grammar Police Officer
  10. Not quite others are very OP than me alone

    Yes this is true :(
  11. I would make a good grammar police I would do awesome xD