[Challenge] Who can do it first?

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do a challenge! Down below, everything will be explained about this Challenge. Also, the prizes are a surprise! So, there are the top 3 winners. Each winner receives a special prize, but we tell them at the end of the challenge, we'll tell something like this (example): 1st Place: RoseLoves183 - Prize: 100R. (Not a real prize going be to be given) Anyways, look down below for more information!
    Challenge Information:
    Event Time: Starting Line: 6:00 (EMC Time, Today) and ends at 1:00 (EMC Time, August 1st, Saturday)

    Who: Anyone can do the contest! It's very simple, just this isn't an in game contest, it's a forum contest.

    Rules: Don't brag, don't abuse, or bump this thread. Don't be mean if you make it to the top 3, be supportive of whoever wins, and have fun!
    Things To Remember:
    There are 50 white-listed people. Buy all meaning, those people are the top people voted to get this prize, but didn't make it. Top 3 people will also be on this list. Even if they're not in the Thread, or have comments, they will still be listed. Also, winners will be in 1st comment down below this Thread. The top 3 will be listed first. Also, all you need to do for the challenge to try to win the prize is start a conversation with me, or I'll start one with you, and then I'll ask you the questions! (Nobody will get the same questions, sorry!) Try your best!! Also, this challenge is for, to see, who can guess better challenge!
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  2. Winners:
    1st Place - Unknown (player has not gotten place)
    2nd Place - SLIVERMAN2 - Prize: 3000R + 5 Diamonds (Congarts!)
    3rd Place - tuqueque - Prize: 2000R (Congrats!)
    White-Listed People:
    1st Place -
    2nd Place - SILVERMAN2
    3rd Place - tuqueque
    4rth Place -
    5th Place - BailiB
    6th Place -
    7th Place - Chief_McCloud
    8rth Place -
    9th Place -
    10th Place -Agent_creeper23
    11th Place -
    12th Place -
    13th Place -
    14th Place -
    15th Place -
    16th Place -
    17th Place -
    18th Place -
    19th Place -
    20th Place -
    2oFirst Place -
    20Second Place -
    23rd Place -
    24rth Place -
    25th Place -
    26th Place -
    27th Place -
    28th Place -
    29th Place -
    30th Place -
    40th Place -
    40First Place-
    40Second Place -
    43rid Place -
    44th Place - *Manchildie
    46th Place -
    47th Place - *krysyyjane9191
    48th Place -
    49th Place- *RainbowChin
    50th Place- PenguinDJ

    Congratulations if you where on this list! Nice try if you tried! Thank you to all the participated. Some people have been listed already! Yes, these people are lucky! Have a nice day and enjoy!
  3. Still making it. Wait.. can you delete your comment for a sec? plss I need my comment (the one saved) to be the first comment!!
  4. Done. :)
  5. Thanks, thats a nice friend :)
  6. You should say a little more about the challenge. Nobody's going to enter if they don't know what it is.
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  7. Sure..
  8. Sounds interesting. So we're just answering questions you give us? :)
  9. Yep
  10. I don't understand the whole "Top 50" "Top 3" "Top Voted" thing..
  11. I still don't know where (
    ) , so is this on another server? On a residence? If a residence which smp?

    ( Heres just a little mistake I found funny )
  12. No.. its a fourm game.
  13. Check out the new white-listed people!
  14. Sure! I'll try, it's today right? :p
  15. If I were you, to avoid confusion, I'd change "whitelisted people" to participants.
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  16. Ill try it...
  17. Yeah, I think I'll give it a shot?
  18. Yes.
  19. Awesome!
  20. I never got a number :confused: