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  1. Well, it appears I've hit a wall when it comes to entertaining myself. So I have decided to put my enjoyment in the hands of YOU. While I am going to regret this decision tomorrow, today, you challenge me! I'll pretty this post up later when I can come up with a more stuck up, braggy persona. But for now, challenge me to something, anything! Well, something that can actually be done. But anyway, challenge me.

    Also, 100R to whoever can come up with the best title for me.

    Now go on and challenge!
  2. 1. Break The Batman
    2. Tackle Roman Clay
    3. Try again to break The Batman since obviously you will fail the first time.
  3. Play minecraft without getting addicted.
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  4. That's kinda why I want REAL challenges. So I can have fun again.
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  5. Find a new continent.
  6. 1. Take the sprite-banana challenge.
    2. Eat a spoonful of cinnamon.
    3. Eat a 100% cacao chocolate bar.
  7. You really want me dead, don't you?
    Once again, a real challenge.
    I'm trying to enjoy Minecraft, so something like that.
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  8. Make toast. Without a toaster.

    EDIT: Minecraft challenge. Locate a fresh mushroom biome on EMC. Without using the Live Map
  9. Haha mine was completely ignored...
  10. I'm regretting this already.
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  11. Hey, I gave possible challenges.
  12. True, but I'm still regretful.
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  13. Walk all the way from res 2635 to 2559 on Smp1
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  14. Do rule 35 out of Meteorites.

    PM me the finished work art

  15. Ewww...
  16. Thats what I mean, find a new continent in the wild.
  17. collect a single chest of redstone
    collect a stack and a half of diamonds
    collect 3 and 3/4 stacks of wood
    and do it all with none left over :)
    have fun!
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  18. Your title shall be: None Sparered. xD As for your challenge, why not try to mine a 1x2 tunnel from the spawn to an outpost. :3
  19. Sir, you have typed the impossible...
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