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  1. So I have a suggestion. This feature I used it in a very old server I used to play in before minecraft went "Official" (it was still Beta).
    I was thinking Aikar, Justin or any other coder in the team could make a plugin that would turn a player made structure into a chair. like putting wooden stair on the ground and 2 signs on the side would make the item possible to sit on. it would look something like this:

    First Chair.png

    Also it can be made like this:

    2nd Chair.png

    As long as the End connection block carried a Sign it would turn all Stair blocks connected in between both sings into an object your Avatar could sit on. that is how the plugin on that server worked. Of course that was only done with wooden Stairs, but I bet Aikar, Justin or any other coder in the team could make it possible for the other kind of stairs to have the same function.
  2. I Like the idea. Hopefully it can be done.
  3. If "Aikar Magic" (as Aikar himself said) can make an Empire Firework, I BET this can be done.
  4. This seems like a waste compared to dragon lairs and the ruined economy.
  5. Awesome idea :D
  6. ...
  7. This seems pretty legit. LOTS of people use stairs like this just to look like chairs, if we could actually sit in them that would be awesome!!
  8. I honestly feel this is too much work. EMC writes it's own plugins, and I doubt Aikar would like to put his work on hold to make it so you can sit in a chair. They're fine as is, decorations.
  9. Yes, yes those are big ticket items - but one thing we hear a lot of is people wanting more smaller updates so they can see progress. Most of the EMC community knows that Aikar is coding his fingers off whenever he isn't working his full time job; but a potentially smaller project like this helps break up the time between the bigger features.

    As for this suggestion in particular, I know nothing about how this would work; but could give way to a bigger and grander idea. So thank you :)
  10. True, but I think we should try something other then chairs to show progress. It's actually a larger amount of work then it sounds. Not much more, but still more.
  11. I don't know the amount of work it would take to do; I am mainly going for - let's not shoot down this suggestion so quickly
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  12. Question... Why do you have only 2 coders ( or that I know of)?
  13. You must be given permission to help from Justin. Since these codes are designed to function with EMC, I assume Aikar has access to EMC's source now. Don't want everyone to have access to that, now do we?
  14. well as SparerToaster Mentioned this might be a bit more work than it is if Aikar adds the other stairs to act like such. but if he only codes the wooden stairs to do the effect its not much code into it. The server where I Used to be able to do this doesn't exist anymore but I saw the code source once and it wasn't a large script but the server doesn't exist anymore so I doubt the source exist either. But it would be nice to have this feature added it would make Cafe's people have made more suitable and useful as well as hotels or waiting rooms.

    SparerToaster I know you are more interested in the Dragon Lair and the economy but some of us are more interested in other nice features the EMC community could have like this one. The Dragon Lair will come some day but aikar still has to fix things as he stated in his last Dragon lair update.
  15. Great idea! I'm not really sure how this would work coding-wise, but it seems like something Aikar could solve.
  16. I would like this. It would help out my restaurant a lot. You should also input anything thrown onto the chair would auto magically transfer to the player that is sitting in the chairs inventory. This could be used for a variety of other things more that just making sure the customers get there food at a restaurant. It could help with deals, say I made a deal with jtc0999, I would pay him 1r for a dragon egg. Then some noob that over heard our deal comes to jtc's lot and tries to steal my egg. This is a common thing in Minecraftia, and this idea of yours is very well put together.
  17. No I know that but shouldn't there be maybe a couple more serious full time coders like Aikar or Justin?
  18. Actually, now that I think of it, it is quite simple. I assume that you could program it so when you R-Click, you teleport there and change your player animation to that of when your in a minecart. The stair thing could be done simply by adding the stairs ID to the code.
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  19. This would actually not be very complex from what I know. It would act almost like a locked chest and access chest works(Not going to go into detail unless people want it). And it would just invoke the sitting action on the block that was right clicked.
  20. That is how it worked on that server I Played. after you would make the chair look like the picture above, I believe it would Switch IDs to that of a "minecart" or "Boat" and when you R-Clicked it would sit you down on the "Chair" like if you were on a "Boat or "Minecart" :D