[Celebration] 1.9 is here!

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do you like 1.9?

love it! 15 vote(s) 48.4%
hate it! 13 vote(s) 41.9%
I can't wait for 1.10 6 vote(s) 19.4%
its great but I don't want it from emc! 3 vote(s) 9.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. It has finally arrived, minecraft is now 1.9 and it is awesome! The frostwalker enchantment, igloos, skeleton riders and the potion arrows are by far some of my favorite stuff. Do you'll like the update, whats your favorite stuff, and lets just celebrate!
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  2. Elytra, of course!
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  3. is emc on 1.9?
  4. no but 1.9 is now available on SP
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  5. Bukkit seems to be keeping up with the prereleases, so I imagine EMC will change fairly soon.
  6. I like basic math.
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  7. I think 1.9 came up so quick, but I love it nonetheless! :)
  8. I just did some more reading, i think 1.9 is very bad for farms. So far i understand the weapon (already slow on farms) only start to work slower because cool down time. And XP farm is really a must to repair your expensive tools.
  9. I agree with what you read, and it will not be to good for some of my farms
  10. Although you're right about the weapons delay I can't help note that plenty of (XP) farms I use don't require any weapons. I've slain many Enderman with my deadly deathbush!
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