Caught someone griefing

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  1. This guy was breaking things at the spawner even though there was a sign that distinctly read "do not grief". I am also under the impression that he stole all the melons and broke the first spawner, but I don't have a screenshot to back that up.

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  2. it might be his
  3. It's not his, I'm positive of that. That whole area was built by some other people. We've been trying to catch people griefing there for a while.
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  4. Ok, the mob spawner has been destroyed. I'm pretty pissed off.

    People keep destroying stuff over there. Whats the fun of it?

    Oh and Firefried was not renovating. He was destroying it. I built it there.
    We have a suspect and he should be banned already for griefing, since we have proof.
  5. WTH. I hate griefers! renovating? Bull! Thats an excuse!
  6. renovating, he should be banned for such a lame excuse, let alone greifing XD

    jk, but since he greifed and you have proof, go to a moderator in a pm and send him the photos
  7. Do what my sig says
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  8. More proof.
    Killermaker and Firefried were both here, some minutes ago.

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  9. I think they just want money,they stole the blocks and sell them is shops.
  10. Can't be arsed about what they want.
  11. In the picture,why some mobs can survive while the sun is shining?
  12. they're in the shadow of that giant cobblestone thing getting renovated.
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  13. ..I will fight for the OoO, Zegridathes wouldn't put that much work into anything for nothing.
  14. Which SMP is it in?
  15. What is "the OoO"?

    It's SMP1
  16. They could make far more Rupees if they used OoO instead of tearing the place down, so I think they are just tearing it down for the sake of destroying something that took a lot of hard work and time to make! This just makes me sad and angry!
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  17. Its the name of the spawner.
  18. Thanks to all of you guys for being so vigilant. However, this is not the proper way to report a player for any wrong doings in the Empire. You should have sent these photos in a private conversation with a moderator. and the situation would probably have been taken care of quicker, and quieter. I know, as a moderator, the first thing I check when I log on is my inbox here. For the reason of checking for any troublemakers that need to be taken care off.
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  19. This is horrible. Now if any of you griefers are reading this and we find out who you are, you are going to get horrible punishment, this will go on to your history and soon you WON'T be able to play on ANY server.
  20. Oh im kinda new to minecraft well no t really.... but i was just wondering What texture pack is that? it seems everyone has it.