Cats FTW

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  1. Prediction: Michael_Nolan will be posting in this thread, or his alt.
  2. Whats his alt and is that a bad thing
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  3. It's a good thing, he loves cats. :D

    Le Cat
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  4. awesome, i want aikar to see this website!!!! the more cat pictures and cat videos on here the more likely he will see it.
  5. An alt is short for alternate account, which is something many people have. People will buy another Minecraft account (or if your JackBiggins, a million on them) and then use that for certain things, such as standing at a grinder while they play in town on their main account. So no, its not a bad thing.
  6. i know what a alt is, i meant what is their alt's name.
  7. Ah, right, okay :p
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  8. *is jealous of some people's computers*
  9. Same :p
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  11. doesn't ruin cats for me, it shouldn't ruin it for anyone. Cats are still awesome!
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  12. He's definitely infected. ;)
  13. totally infected. he's part of the walking dead yo!;)
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