cats and dogs should only be allowed to sit up by their owner.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by CooperCatCycling, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. this is currently a way of griefing as someone can TRY to sit the cat and dog up, and it will still teleport to the owner.

    this is very annoying.
  2. I wouldn't say thats griefing. Its more like trolling.

    I've never actually used cats/dogs. Maybe a pet flag or pet protection? No one can touch the pet?
  3. a pet flag would not work as this is mainly a problem in the wild.
  4. I am pretty sure this is already the case, when you tame them, they become yours.
    I know I have seen dogs sitting at /waste and if you try to make them get up it say only the owner can do this.
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  5. I can say I've seen this too. So CooperCatCycling, did you actually sit up cats and dogs from other people yourself?
  6. If you put cats and dogs on a lead connected to a fence post, they won't teleport to you, even if they're standing.
  7. i remember a while back accidently clicking on one of kittens cats, and it teleported.
  8. People have trolled me by tping my netherhounds to me :l
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