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  1. Hello Empire,

    Are you bored and tired of your profile pic? Do you want a 3D new profile pic?
    Well all you need to do is read on! :D

    Cost per Profile Pic:

    • Your username (or part of it)
    • A second line of your choice, for example, after captaincraft300: Diamond Supporter etc.
    • Your skin (if wanted)
    • Any other mob of your choice (if wanted)
    • Any item to be held or to be somewhere in your pic (warning, armour cannot be used, I have tested, it doesnt work :()
    • You can also choose what sort of scenery, but there are some things I can't do, including residences or anything custom, it must be a biome or something default
    • Finally, you can choose what time of day/night it is set in.
    So, interested in buying yourself one? Simply inbox me with the details. Make sure the inbox name is (Your username) - Profile Pic

    KJHaddrell01.png spidey329.png
    captaincraft300.png tedrocker.png
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  2. How long till mine's done?
  3. can you make one with me holding a brick and a diamond sword at night in a forest?
  4. It will be finished some time tomorrow, yours is quite detailed and I need to go to sleep now, its late.
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  5. Please can you inbox me? Thanks
  6. thanks for my pic was awesome
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  7. Those are quite cool actually :)
    Good job, however you make them.
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  8. Mine-Imator
  9. Job well done, i have no sense in art or animation, altough i enjoy seeing these be made. :p
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  10. Even though mine didn't work, what I got for it was really good.
  11. What do you mean didn't work?
  12. Sizing issues
  13. yea, the file on her end said it was 23 or something kb, but it wouldn't let me add it because it was too big.
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