Can't see chat?

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  1. I can see on my laptop:

    But on my new PC:

    I can see town chat on both, anyone have a clue?
  2. So; on your laptop you can see local chat but on your regular PC you don't? (just asking because I didn't really understood the problem at first).

    Are you logged on at the same time by any chance?

    My first idea: maybe the local chat is hidden. Should be fixable with: /ch show l
  3. It switched >.> Now my laptop can't but my Main PC can????
  4. First of all (totally off topic): Wow, I'm already well known? ;)

    Ok, are you logged in at the same time? Because that could cause issues I think; because you may be changing settings on one client, while the other doesn't really know how to cope with those (this is just my theory mind you).

    So I'd try using one PC at a time for starters. So; close MC on one machine, then try logging on using the other. But not at the same time.
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  5. Hmm, would ruin point of keeping my laptop lol
  6. Thing is, I'm not too sure how the server (or MC in general) would react when you log on using the same account from 2 computers. I could imagine that this can cause issues. Not just chat; but what about character movement? Not saying that it can't work, but I could imagine that it can have some issues.

    Alas; that's my theory here. Perhaps a few other players can come up with some ideas as well....
  7. maybe try deleting the profile from MC launcher on the one device not displaying the chat and create a new one. There might be a memory or something acting up. Also are you using mods those can maybe also affect the profile specially forge.
  8. It's based off of the trophy points you receive for posting
    If it's the same account, you can't log in twice at once
  9. Did you do /c hide local by accident at some point?
  10. Have you tried this, go to settings -- multiplayer settings -- chat on/off.

    That was a problem for me long ago so it might can help you.

    Or you might have you chat off..

    Are you using 1 account on 2 computers or are that different accounts?