Can't Login to Minecraft?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by BussGIL, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. I'm just trying to log in to Minecraft, and it just continuously says "Logging in..." Anyone else having this problem? Yes, I am connected to my Internet.
  2. I just logged out and now I decided to play!!!!!


    Ku ku ku ku
  3. The logins are currently down.

    EDIT: And apparently we can't check the statuses right now either…>.<

    SECOND EDIT: Support center is back up.
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  4. Thanks :) I was having same problem!
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  5. Yeah...kind of what I thought, just my luck. Right as I get home from work, they're down lol.

    Everyone logout and then "log back in" >:[)
  6. I'm having the save problem too, it just says "Can't connect to"
  7. *is currently sobbing as I constantly refresh the Mojang support center page*
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  8. You see friends... This is why you keep your minecraft launcher open all the time...
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  10. MINECRAFT DOT NET IS OFFLINE? well i guess it must be panic 'o' clock!
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  12. For future reference to anyone confused on why they can't connect to minecraft stuff, go here:
  13. I think you might have missed the "edit" button under your post. We ask that you use this if your post has no posts after it. We refer to this as "double-posting" thank you! :)
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