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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by zanderboy, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. When I try to log in right now, it keeps saying can't connect to This started right after my game froze and shut down. Any suggestions?
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  2. well zanderboy i have experienced this just last week and i am also trying to get on multiplayer. you see there is problably a problem in minecraft sweden so that may be the reason we cant connect to
  3. Yep, the MC login server is down. Hang tight.
  4. Then how come I can still see people moving around on the live map?
  5. Because they've stayed logged in, since before it broke.
  6. Ok, I understand now.
  7. we should wait some more so they can fully replenish minecraft.
  8. well i would have expected to have it on by now
  9. 0: i hope this will be fixed soon D: I dont know how longer i can last without emc O:
  10. Yes my game just crashed and i cant log back in
    Hope this is fixed soon :/
  11. Yes unfortunately as of right now the Minecraft user authentication server is down it is unknown as to how long it will be unusable but I advise players who are already logged in to not log out because they would then not be able to log back in. All players who have logged into Minecraft already and have not exited the Minecraft application will not be affected by this even if they chose to disconnect from one of the EMC servers and play in single player they will even be able to log back into an EMC server just so long as they don't log out.

    Mojang is likely already aware of this issue and this has most likely occurred due to maintenance on the server in preparation to the next Minecraft update as they had already mentioned that they would have to reconfigure the database because in the new Minecraft update players will be given the ability to change their Minecraft name to another of their choice.

    I hope this information was helpful and if so don't hesitate to send me a like ;)
    I will try to keep up to date with what is occurring and will inform everyone through this thread as to when the user authentication service is functional again.

  12. Same here, i got 3 account and none of them can log in
  13. thanks stads for sending me to this I'm happy I'm not the only one:) this happened when they updated to 1.2 i think
  14. Yep, I've been searching all morning of any posts from people about this and just recently I have. At least I know that its not my computer.
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  15. Im MAD, bro!!!!!
  16. this is the most common question going through my head 'u mad bro?'
  17. Follow the Minecraft team on Twitter, and/or ""
  18. now try to log in-game zslum
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