Cant Join any Servers!!!

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  1. Every time i try to login to one of the servers it say bad login>PLEASE HELP!!!:(
  2. Close Minecraft and try again. It should work then :)
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  3. Close Minecraft and re-open it.

    Edit: Nab posted at the same time xD
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  4. Ha. Now i feel like a noob. Thanks
  5. Moved to proper board. The Introduce Yourself board is just that, a location to Introduce Yourself... Please, take a moment to consider what you are trying to say/ask and then think of where it would properly fit to be discussed. You will get a reply, regardless of where you post so just be patient.
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  6. hey guys, y have the same problem, but when I re-open minecraft continues saying BAD LOGIN
  7. Perhaps someone else is using your account, try changing your password on
  8. If u r using free minecraft or doing the play offline glitch this will happen
  9. ok,how to do i claim my residence?
    wheres the tutorial?
    and why cant i join a server?
  10. you do /claim (number of res)
  11. yes but i cant even join a server,really new
  12. Connect to in your launcher. When you join you will start in the tutorial. Work your way through this using information you've learned when reading the Empire Guide on the forums. The Guide will give you everything you need to know :)
  13. clicked on smp9 and all it shows is live map.residence list and list of players
  14. No no no. Open minecraft. Connect to smp9 using the address:
  15. oh, ok,thanks i'm following the expert
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  16. No, the actual game not unless you play it from their website.
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  17. i bought it ,dont have icon
  18. multiplayer?
  19. Yes, you need to go to multiplayer. Click on "Add server" and put "" without quotations as the server address. You will be in the tutorial. After you have completed the tutorial, you can claim a res.