Can't get on server

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  1. I am using 1.9.4 on a MacMini. Cleared DNS and tried software updates and restarting. Managed to get online for 30 seconds or so before timeout.
  2. can you connect to other 1.9 servers?
  3. Yes.
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  6. Oh duh

    try in a terminal

    mtr --report
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  7. I kind of feel dumb for saying this, but it says it isn't a command?
  8. Right, I suppose I could point you to the official MTR website but I guess that might not be useful. Fortunately MTR is basically 2 commands rolled into one where the most prominent one is traceroute. Try this:

    traceroute -InS | tee trace.log

    This will result in stuff getting printed and you'll be left with a file called "trace.log", share that.

    Warning: You might want to check the first entries of this log before posting and make sure that they don't lead back to you. Go to: and compare the address you see there with the stuff in this file. If you find a literal entry don't post the file in public before stripping out the first lines containing this number (because it could help people find your computer on the Internet, not the intent).

    When in doubt feel free to sent it to me in a PM after which I can check & remove any possible 'risky' parts. I suppose that also brings some theoretical risks with it but I can honestly say that I got much better things to do than to try and take over one random computer on the Internet. Unfortunately we can't say the same for everyone who might be reading this thread.

    Hope this can help you a bit.
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