Can't find my horse

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Can someone from Senior Staff help me?

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  1. It's been almost three days now, my horse hasn't returned to me yet. Said it would take '5 minutes' but still hasn't returned. I've been patiently waiting, he was my fastest and had diamond armor. Could someone help me please? All the staff have been telling me to contact senior staff, but don't know how...

    Forgot to mention i didn't lose it in the wild, it was on a residence near me. I just went straight home to go fix something and he never returned.
  2. If your horse cannot be found, I can send you a replacement along with the diamond horse armor :)
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  3. omg that would be amazing, but i wouldn't want you to do that for me :) i don't want to use your money on me
  4. I have plenty of extra horses and horse armor. I would be more than happy to replace it :)
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  5. Are you sure? I'd feel guilty not buying it from you :/
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  6. Mikay: take my word for it: take it. When more seasoned players like Doofni offer this then rest assured that we simply want to help. We've been on the server for quite a while and some things which may seem very valuable to you have become somewhat common to us. So if we can help someone out like this then its really our pleasure :)
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  7. please type /stable to see if your horse is in your stable inventory. if it is, type /stable summon 1 to get it back. Good Luck1
  8. This happened to me, and it isn't even in my stable either!