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  1. Ok so logged onto minecraft to enter in EMC and see a message saying check this site out, done so......added new profile for 1.7.2 and still cant enter please help :oops:

  2. You need 1.8 :)
  3. Though it does tell you what to do, that link is actually very old. EMC hasn't been 1.7.x for a few months now.
    As Define said, just update to 1.8 and you can get on.
  4. Ok well thanks for helping me out, :eek: defo got to update it cause im sure others will fool for that to.
  5. I am not sure when it was added, but there are many warnings at the top of the page it links that tell you the info is outdated and where to go for up to date info. Preferably just linked to the right page though.
  6. Most has already been said and yah: I already suggested a new '' page quite some time ago. But as you know the devs. have been very busy as of late so anyway...

    I see you've been using an older version of MC 1.7 (1.7.10 is current) and because of that I'd like to warn you that older versions of MC 1.8 are best left ignored. If you're going to use 1.8 please use a recent version, at the very least 1.8.5 (the current version is preferred of course).

    The reason for that is because the older versions (basically everything before 1.8.5) were pretty bad where performance is concerned. On some PC's where 1.7.10 could run with full graphical settings 1.8 couldn't even manage to get you close to 10 - 20 fps (frames per second, the speed in which your play field updates). It was a disaster :/

    So whatever you do: make sure to use a recent version!
  7. When you start you gamer launcher and it loads to the page where you can press play b4 you press play....
    click on The "Edit Profile" button in the lower left corner of the page
    then there will be a page that comes up named "Profile Editor"
    go down to the middle section of the that page to the box that says "Use version:"
    and scroll up if you cant see the 1.8.5 then click that. or if you prefer to use the "Use lastest version" scroll all the way up to the top and click on that,
    this will make it so whenever a new version comes out it automatically switches to that.
    If you need more help I'd be happy to help ya ;)

    Edit- I misread your post o.o I thought ya needed help switching the versions XD
  8. Haha yeah i am still new to minecraft, but came out of noobie title ;)
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