Can't connect to any servers

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MissKells, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Hey Guys ! So I have been trying to log into any of the servers and it keeps saying End of stream or a error code.. and i have tryed restarting my minecraft and everything. I can log into my minecraft account but connecting to servers i cant (idk if that makes sense) so ya.
  2. Same here. Darn.
  3. im glad im not the only one
  4. I suspect authentication sessions going bonkers.
  5. Apprently alot of people are having this problem..
  6. There is so much lag on every server its horrible. i can hardly do anything..
  7. It happens , it's not a perfect science. With a 99.89% uptime , EMC Servers have nothing to reproach themselves.
  8. main servers are having issues with logins, this is causing the hard time connecting as well as the lag. Not much we can do but wait it out, sorry
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  9. sounds like i choose the right time to come to my uncles :)
  10. lol i wish this wasnt happening today
  11. I too have the problem :/
  12. Whats the server is it 1.2.5?
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