Cannot find the tutorial

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  1. I could not find the tutorial
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  2. After joining the site whenever you first enter a smp you should be taken there. Also i think if you use /tutorial it should take you there i'm not 100% sure about that though.
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  3. You automatically spawn in the tutorial when you first join the Empire and login to a server - you can redo it by using the command /tutorial.

    You can connect to any of the SMP servers to complete the tutorial, but you're locked out of Utopia until you complete it, so make sure you're not connecting to that server,

    All the answers to the questions are at :)
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  4. Join smp1 :D
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  5. No, join smp3!!!
  6. I would challenge you to join Stage, but I think that joke might be a little cruel...
  7. Wonders what stage is...
    I know what stage is ;P IcecreamCow tests stuff there : )
  8. Corrction: Justin/Eyecar test stuff there, ICC makes spheres out of sponge and covers the shop with TNT. :-P
  9. Yeah ok :)
  10. Um actually Stage is what would happen to smp9 if Justin was gone for a day...
    (P.S Stage uses smp9's map files)
  11. Stage is where the staff goes to ride about on pigs and plot the destruction of the economy :D
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  12. No, thats what 1.3 did.
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  13. No thats what operation Ruin Castor is...
    Oops I've said too much