cannot connect to emc for no reason

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  1. could not find "direct url" on side, so lets try this:

    tried to refresh and restart minecraft but nothing helps
  2. I doubt this will help but: I assume you use, does it make a difference if you use your servername followed by (example:

    As said: this is likely not going to help, my guess is that the authentication servers (Mojangs) could be down which automatically results in you being unable to connect to EMC.

    EDIT: A friend of mine just logged on, so if it still doesn't work for you then it's definitely not an issue of Mojangs auth. servers being down but something on your end. A firewall gone out of control perhaps?

    Or maybe... Tried re-logging onto Minecraft? So in the launcher click the "switch user" option (lower right corner), then click "logout" and re-login to Minecraft. Once again: I'm not sure, but considering the error this is what I'd try first. Make sure you got your username / password ready before logging out!
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