[Cancelled] Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to earn some Rupees!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by EdmundWayne, Nov 8, 2013.

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  1. I haven't received any submissions so I'm cancelling this. Look for a new post where I'll let people download the song and make their own video for it. The new and improved contest will have bigger prizes because I'll be willing to shell out about 100K Rupees.

    I'm closing this thread to further replies.

    This request didn't get any response on my post in Miscellaneous, so I'm going to up the ante a bit. I am looking for video clips of players fighting monsters to use in a video for one of my songs that I plan to put on Youtube.

    If your clip is included in my video, I will pay you 200 rupees for every second of your clip that makes it into my video up to 15,000 rupees (in the unlikely event I use more than 75 seconds of your video clip).

    What I'm looking for are things that will fit with the theme of the song which is from a Minecraft monster's perspective. So any videos that show multiple players teaming up against monsters, monsters being slaughtered in traps, damaged countryside... things like that.

    By submitting a clip, you agree that I have a non-exclusive right to use your clip for any purpose in perpetuity after you receive compensation (rupees as stated above) for its use.

    Submissions should be sent to flada1@gmail.com with the subject "Minecraft Video Submission" (or something similar).

    The song is nearly 5 minutes in length so I expect to pay out nearly 60,000 rupees.
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  2. So far I have no contributions or comments. I know there are more than a few people with better computers than mine who have video capture software. If you see this thread, please pass the word on.
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  3. Can it be on Singleplayer?
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  4. I would talk to the cow. He can probably share some of the enraged mobs footage.
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  5. Singleplayer would be fine. I would like some of the submissions to be on multiplayer, but it isn't a requirement. Right now I still have no submissions and beggars can't be choosers.

  6. right off to find/make some video of me fighting mobs on emc...
  7. Hmmm, might try and film some bit for it.
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  8. I had made an arena for me and recorded me fighting some mobs and all and it came out well just my laptop died right at the end and it didn't save :I
  9. I've tried doing this myself, but my computer doesn't seem to be able to record video via Taksi while playing MC and I'm not about to shovel out the money for something like FRAPS.
  10. I'll will try to get something made up in the next few hours.. ;)
  11. I've edited the OP to make my offer 200 Rupees per second of video and up to 15,000 Rupees to an individual contributor. The song is actually 4:49 which is the same as 289 seconds, so the total amount of my Rupees on the table here is 57,800 Rupees.
  12. Is there any specific mobs that are mentioned in the song?
    (I don't have speakers)
    Dumb problem fixed.
  13. The song mentions creepers and enderman specifically, but really videos of any monsters would be useful. If you can actually drop an anvil on a monster's head, I'm almost certain to use that. :D
  14. Okay. I'll try to have a few more enderman & creeper scences than other mobs.
    Will do! :)
  15. Thread title change!
  16. Alirght, I'll try and set up something, would you prefer its done on EMC or is a vanilla server fine?
  17. Can we use Camera Alts?
  18. I prefer EMC, but will accept anything. Also, SMP is preferred in some cases because you can make it look like multiple players "ganging up" on various monsters.

    I'm not sure what a camera alt is, but anything that captures good video is fine by me.

    I'm going to put a deadline on this of Nov. 20 (my birthday). If I don't get enough entries by then, I will fill whatever remaining time with still screenshots. Of course I will still pay out the Rupees for whatever video I do use.
  19. Camera Alt = Alternate account for filming. :)
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