[CANCELLED] EMC Wedding!!! #cutemelkiew73

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Are you going to the wedding?

Yes I'll go get my tux/ Dress :D 42 vote(s) 63.6%
No 10 vote(s) 15.2%
BEACHHH!! (also yes) 14 vote(s) 21.2%
  1. Assuming I am already set up to attend :p
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  2. Oh lol, I meant maid of honor xD
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  3. I believe that's Alyattayla
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  4. Ah :p
  5. I have 2 faces to make
    :confused: bitemenow Is a bubble blowing girl???
    .-. the ages are painful. 16 and 18 that's too young for my taste. sorry probably wont be their.
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  6. First off, be glad bitemenow isn't the bubble blowing boy. He has no excuse to be shirtless if he is a girl
    Second, that is only a two year age gap and that is a completely normal age for marriage in some cultures.
  7. But, but, 2 years it basically forever... for a 2 year old
  8. *slowclap*
  9. I can be your creepy pretty uncle who disapproves of the marriage.
  10. Might as well. :rolleyes:

    Err, I hope hats are allowed during the ceremony…please?
    Also wedding presents. People should bring those! *cough cough* other guests better bring stuff too… *cough cough*
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  11. sonicol1 and melk73, I told you so
  12. Bite, we need you to come to my bachelors party to give melk73 a lap dance.
  13. flowers on there head and lots of flowerssssssss
  14. when i don't check emc for 2 hours, i have 60 notifications when i get back xD
  15. Btw ladies I'm sexy and single best bet you'll ever get ^.^
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  16. love is in the air :D

  17. About that, there's only 50 seats. xD
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  18. ._. a dress?... PlayTehMinecraft dont wear no dress

    (I spent an hour making my epic tuxedo damit XD)
  19. It's not really the age gap as much as it is the fact that they are 16 and 18. But like melk said, 2 years is a long time for a 2 year old.
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