[CANCELLED] EMC Wedding!!! #cutemelkiew73

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Are you going to the wedding?

Yes I'll go get my tux/ Dress :D 42 vote(s) 63.6%
No 10 vote(s) 15.2%
BEACHHH!! (also yes) 14 vote(s) 21.2%
  1. PIE.png
    This wedding has been CANCELLED
    This is an invitation to the most epic wedding the Empire will ever have!
    Melk73 and I are having an IG wedding :D

    Its pretty much role playing parts, if you are watching it please speak in chat when told to.
    This wedding is like any irl weddings, so there will be a seat for everyone please stay seated when asked to and stand as asked xD
    Listen to the wedding planners when they speak :)

    Peoples parts:
    My daddy: Bro_Im_Infinite
    My Mommy: PandasEatRamen
    MY god father: jacob5089
    Preist: Cddm95ace
    Flower girlss: Stinkydoodie and darksuperlord
    Brides maids: Alyattayla and PlayTehMinecraft (wear a blue and pink dress)
    Best mans: Brickstrike and Olaf_C (wear a tux with a blue tie)
    Bubble blower girls: Bitemenow15
    Wedding Planners: Alyattayla and Sonicol1
    Drunk Llama: technologygeek
    Filming the whole thing: QuarterStop

    Who's invited? : Anyone
    When is it? : NEVERRRRRRR
    Where is it? : SMP7 /v 15109
    What's the theme? : BEACH!!!

    If you need someone to make you a tux PM Olaf_C :)
  2. im the person who drank too much redbull"" before coming and give a long and lengthy toast! calling it dibs no blitz
  3. Good tbing I kept this skin... I'm just ready as I am :p
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  4. >.>
    But congratulations to you and melk! :p
  5. Once upon a skype group, we added this random guy melk73, and cutejuliew be like "I LOVE EVERYONE" so sonicol1 and I, being fangurls, made them get married ^.^
  6. Congrats to you and Melk I'll hopefully come :)
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  7. Im using dat pic sorry tayla i like da dresses on it xD
  8. :( okie
  9. i still love yours too :)
  10. Dis be best wedding that ever gonna happen
  11. i agree
  12. u jelly im the father? >: D
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  13. Awesome, time for me to bust out mah skinz skills and make me a purple tuxedo, assuming that color scheme is aright!
    Hey, you better set up some hoppers for your gifts, lol.
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  14. LOL!!!!!!
  15. thats a good idea xD
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  16. Canz i be le drunk potato?
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  17. the drunk potato can only be 1 person and daz flamingpotato xD cause he is dat potato head lol. u can be an apple doe.