Can you make me a custom skin??

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  1. Hello there wonderful people of EMC.

    I'm looking for a talented individual to create a masterful skin for me.

    I'm looking for a half skeleton/half nether skeleton wearing a red stone armour suit.

    I'm willing to pay rupees for its creation, please post here or open a convo and let's let the creative spirits flow.....
  2. what pieces of armour do you want?
    do you want it in the classic style, or a free style(for the armour)?
  3. I know a link where I make ALL of my skins XD
    It works but it takes time too
  4. How many Rupees for the skin? I am somewhat good at making skins I will give this a try.
  5. I'm not overly worried about style of armour, but I'd like the head left without a helmet. Be creative ;)

    The amount of rupees paid depends on the level of effort put into the skin. I am willing to pay up to 8k for the right design.

    Yeah thanks for the link but my artistics skill descend from bad to worse.
  6. I'll see what I can do. I'll PM you tomorrow with my finished product.
  7. here's a prototype, tell me if u like it

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  8. hhmph I make a buying a skin thread and no one answers but the supporter makes one and 3 people jump right on it
  9. cube, thats a nice looking face and skin, although not keen on the armour, looks too blocky, any chance you can try something different?
  10. sure thing, it was just a test, lookin for feedback like that :)
  11. Wait, by half skeleton/half wither skeleton do you mean like a mix between the two or split down the middle?

    And how many times have you bumped it or shown examples of high quality skins? -_-
  12. I'd originally wanted a half/ half kinda thing but I'm open to suggestion.

    I just want something unique.
  13. give me a link...
  14. how does this look?

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  15. That's a much nicer skin, thank you for the modifications.

    Of anyone else is working on a skin for me, please post soon. If no one posts a skin in the next 24 hours, cube45 will claim my prize.
  16. all I want is your head...
  17. Erm, not disturbing at all lol
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  18. no seriously, all I want is your head,