[buying] A better skin

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Are you going to work on this?

Yes, I'm a good skin maker and I need money 3 vote(s) 33.3%
No, I don't give a crap 6 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. Hello everyone I am wanting to buy a professional handmade skin for myself (because the one i made looks bad) I wont post what my current skin looks like because I'm looking for something new
    my guidelines:
    1. i like a black/neon green combination style clothing so make it with some black and bright green
    2. i would like some shades with bright green or yellow lenses
    3. if your good at making hair I'm a redhead with spiky hairdo
    4. maybe an emerald sword on my back???

    This ends when I choose which skin to use, please say that you are working on my skin so I don't have to bump this alot

    I will pay 1,000 r for the skin (only the skin that I pick that is) or more if its really good
    (also i want to be the only one with this skin so don't post it on a public skin site but do keep it in your memory if possible if I ever accidentally delete it)
  2. looks like i'm going to have to bump this....
  3. I'm a red-head to! However, I'm not particularly skilled at making skins.
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  4. Please make this dude a skin. I will also pay 1k to whomever makes him a skin he uses.
  5. Meh why not?
    Expect one soon
  6. looks like a staff member got to this thread ( :p ) if I ever seem rude its because I can be at times but other wise I'm generous
    I should probably follow this more often
  7. im on it, right after I finish galesi's skin
  8. Champ, lemme know who/when I need to pay out that 1k rups ;)
  9. I will, looks like a pro skin maker might just make over 2k here
  10. The sword on the back will not look good.
  11. I don't need a sword I was just wondering
  12. Yup
  13. Do you want this skin to look human, or can it be a sort of weird creature?
  14. I'll take human, but i'll also look at any robot submissions
  15. Alright, my submission is complete, should I just put it here, or in a pm?
  16. a PM would be best but I won't accept any skins till the other 3 submit there skins too
  17. I'm going to reword this, you can send in your skin for me to comment on it but I won't pay or take a skin till I've seen everyone's skin
  18. bump! how is everyone doing on the skin? (also i might buy some of the skins that don't get picked for the big rupee pay for alot less r)
  19. Only just saw this so I'll be willing to give it a shot.
  20. not the best, not the worst, not good, not well done, not barf worthy

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