Can someone help me with this?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by thenemo, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. How do i reset my account?
    i registered and than the next day when i logged in i found out that my idiot brother played with my accaunt
  2. Well it depends on what he did. If it was not that bad just live with it. But If you got temp ban u might want to talk to the mod/admin who banned you on the forums and talk to the people that your brother messed with. You also will want to talk with your brother if u have not already.
  3. Well you can always do /res reset (this will reset your residence) if this was a case of something he did with your residence.
    If it was that you loosed something, well, it's kinda your fault but i believe *as you are new member* that it couldnt be too much :p

    If you need help, please ask a moderator/senior mod/admin in-game, it's easier when you have simple questions like this one :)
  4. I guess im lucky I don't have a brother....
  5. I guess im lucky I don't have a brother....
    ....God punished me with a sister.

    hahahaha trololo, jk, she's cute when she want.
  6. well , i dont really know what he did , all i know i had a bunch of items , some guys typed "hello , welcome back" and i someone menchoned something about a test
  7. and if there was a tutorial or something ... i have no idea what the server is about
  8. From what i can gather your account hasn't been used for any sort of malicious activity or otherwise. There have only been two logins to the EMC servers for your account, the first lasting 26 minutes, and the second lasting 9 minutes.
    I don't think there is a way to reset your account, but i don't really see there being any reason to either, as nothing has been done wrong :)

    I would advise you to try to keep your account secure from your brother, as if something not allowed is done by someone operating your account, it can be banned, and it doesn't really matter who was using it at the time. :)

    If you haven't actually been on any servers yet, it would be best to do the tutorial by typing "/tutorial" while in game. This will be a series of multiple choice questions, the answers to all can be found within the empire guide/server page. Once you have found the answers in the guide, simply follow that path of the maze, and eventually you will reach the end and have a better understanding of EMC servers. :)
  9. Also just type /tutorial in game to go through the tutorial so you can get caught up.