Can someone help me please?

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Please can I have some help with making my signature, I have no idea what to do.
    Please start a conversation with me telling me how to do it :p

  2. Click on the 'Empire is Love, Empire is Life' thing in my signature to see where to make those kind of things if you want to add that to your signature.
  3. And apparently I just learned that Minecraft Achievement Generator will soon expire, so I hope you finish them quick :p
  4. Is it ok if I just use your one?
  5. That's a very general question. To get to where you edit it, hover over your name in the top right corner of the screen and click "signature". Edit away!
  6. I know that bit, its actually making the signature I don't know :D
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  7. Then like I said, it's a really general question. AlexChance makes great signatures, you can create one like what MRBOBY has, and I made mine at there are a lot of other ways to do it.
  8. Penguin, for your 'Recent Thread' part of your signature, do you update it every time, or is there a code you can put in that automatically does it?
  9. Well, technically you could write a script that does it, but I think just manually updating it would be easier and faster, although less fun.
  10. I just choose a thread of mine I want people to read and link the button to it. :)
  11. Oh okay... Like my new sig? xD
  12. Hmm okay. I will stick with the easier wa-- wait a minute, having second thoughts. How would I do this script? Would I use HTML/Javascript or something else, and how would I get it on the forums?
  13. Well I guess that's one way of doing it. Sure you can use it xD.
  14. You can't put code inside of your signature, but you could have it link to some other site where you have your script and have it run there and redirect you wherever you want. Kind of roundabout and probably a waste of time to set up but could be done.
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