Can multiple people sell at one res?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by joshmcf, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Can a person (even if they dont live there) sell on another persons res if they give them build rights?
  2. I believe so.
  3. yes if they have build :) (container doesn't have to) but you need to know whats in lol :p
  4. Yep :) I (used) to share a store :)
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  5. me to :D
  6. Yes, but container perms are far from ideal.

    I use a very simple and easy system - The seller has temporary build perms in my presence to set up their chests and signs. I use the [access] signs to let them re-stock, then remove their perms once they're done.

    It's not ideal, but at least 100% theft proof.

    It depends on how many people you want to have selling on the one residence.
  7. Can't you just do a double chest, with one side setup as the shop (which requires short term build permissions) and the other side with an access sign for them?
  8. Yes