can momentus destroy ur gear? :(

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  1. i was mining in smp4 waste and found momentus. b/c i was wearing my god armor and had my "rei's lance" sword with me (OP sword) i decided 2 fight it.

    fight went decent, i died a few times in the water but could get my gear back (find stuff, equip sword, slash, run & put on armor). but then i died in the water and could not find my gear back at all!

    i got help, momentus got killed and we searched the whole area 4 my gear (armor + weapons) but it was all gone :(

    what could have happened? :confused:

    wasnt expecting my gear to get lost :( fought on difficulty 4, and gear wasnt worn out. it just disappeard, i also lost some food.
  2. It probably despawned :/ or it could have some how glitched out and vanished
  3. went back, found out my stuff glitched. started digging, found underground river which mustve flooded most away. im done with minibosses, turned setting off and gonna get new gear. so not worth it :/
  4. you died on difficulty 4 with god gear? i must teach you!
  5. I rec momentus on difficulty 7. i kill them in 20 seconds flat :p
  6. meh. friend and me killed momentus on diff 5 using only stone & iron swords. but those didnt glitch off.
  7. What potions/apples do you use?
  8. when i fight him like that i like to use speed potions. cause they let you escape his pull if you want to and heal up, haunted candy is op against him too and a str 2 potion if you wanna be real quick about it
  9. Momentus can be a real pain!! If you are not well set for extra gear then avoidance is a good strategy. Some of us old timers (not age, but years on server) have plenty of sets of armor and it's not a big deal if a bunch of diamond gear gets lost. I have never had much luck killing the big guy, he is glitchy and dangerous, but plenty of people have figured out ways to bring him down quick and if you score a rare drop it will buy a lot of sets of diamond armor.
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  10. The moment when you are building out in the frontier and either a Marliex or Momentus spawns. I'm like "I have my difficulty on 1 come on..."
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  11. u should check /ps. shell told me (after i almost rage quit, lol) that u can prevent them from spawning. works 4 me so far.
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  12. In all honesty now that Aikar updated the drop chances and what not, It's really not worth going out to search for them to fight anymore. The Market has become so saturated with miniboss item's that the prices have dropped, your better off farming stuff to sell so your not paying to fix / reenchant broken gear anymore.
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  13. i have a rlly efficient ender farm that i should be the only one using so exp isnt a problem
  14. Don't forget a smite sword, those do twice as much damage as sharpness swords do against undead creatures. :p
  15. God apples just one
  16. Smite doesn't work against Momentus as of 1.8. Minecraft no longer recognizes them as zombies. :p
  17. Gah! I've been doing it all wrong this entire time? :eek:

    Is Marlix affected by Smite or is it too tricking me?
  18. Enderman xp farms are super slow now thanks to a xp rate change by aikar that gives you less xp for damaged mobs.
  19. I'm pretty sure Marlix is still affected by Smite.

    And yeah, just confirmed in a SP world. Sharpness does 14 damage to giants while Smite only does 8.
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  20. doesnt rlly matter if its less when my entcount fills up in max 3 minutes