Can Mods See Who Accessed Chests?

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  1. So late last night around 3-4 AM I couldn't fit everything in my inventory and left some things in a chest and didn't lock it which seems very stupid.
    As I haven't had any chests looted in the past, I put the chance of an event like this happening below 2%. Since three chests were involved, and since the cost without refund of locking the chests is 1500r, this makes the valuables having to be worth 75,000r to justify the additional expense under standard risk analysis. Valuables included several enchanted diamond pickaxes and ores with a market value around 40k.

    Many precautions were taken. The room was completely unexposed to outside, deep underground, and the culprit tunneled in from underneath, straight through the rock. Somehow they figured out that the room was there, I suspect a see-through texture pack.

    I know tracking exists for use of lava buckets and flint and steel, though I don't know about chests. Are staff able to see who accessed a chest and when?
  2. As far as I'm aware, no.
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  3. what world?
  4. They cant.
  5. Use the tool that's linked here and you may find out who was there:

    I've used it not too long ago to generate a Rei's minimap waypoint list and I followed the path of someone who had wandered around my Wild base poking their nose into every single unlocked chest there.

    I've also had people drill straight down into my grinder room from the surface to get at my chests. Without any sign on the surface that there is anything below ground there, I know they are likely using xray or something.

    Based on your description of what happened, whoever did this could likely see through stone as well. I'd suggest you take screenshots and send them and whatever other information you can come up with to one of the staff.
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  6. Wow I was just about to build something like this. :p Figured the theif may return to the scene of the crime.
  7. And I just realized, I was sold the exact number of diamond ore that disappeared to my shop.
  8. We cannot see who access chests and the like, because that would spam logs incredibly bad, as we already track fire placement through f&s, and lava.. We get a lot of logs through that as it is, haha.

    Just a note though, from what I know, xray texture packs/xray mods cannot see through lava, so you could try putting your chest in lava next time. Chests don't light on fire, so your stuff will be safe. Also, you should be able to right click through the lava to access your chest. :)
  9. With our luck, Mojang will go "NEXT UPDATE, CHESTS CATCH FIRE IN LAVA!" :(. I was just wondering and this may be dumb, do you guys log anvils too since you take damage if they fall on you?
  10. Yes, we do log anvils.
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  11. It's fine. I already know who it was and when they did it thanks to that tool above, and I know they got back to town okay with the ores since they sold them to me. I'm giving them the chance to return everything before I pursue further action.

    On the plus side, the live map data solves a long-standing problem of figuring out which server a transaction occured on. This was an old problem with multi-server shops and profit sharing. It allows me to accurately track the sales of individual shops. In addition, I can figure out not only who I bought something from, but where the shop was located at the time of purchase. Many players sell things in other people's residences, so this makes it much easier to find supplies and manage inventory.
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  12. Ten Rupees says you get the old, "I thought anything goes in the Wild/No one was here so I thought it was abandoned.", excuse.
  13. Ah it was me. Do u remember? I Only took redstone and I apologised to zeke
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  14. Wait a minute, are you openly admitting to stealing from people?
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  15. I have already talked to them. I paid but they didnt accept. They said that the important thing was that I learn the lesson
  16. Oh wait - the person who did it is already banned? Now I have no way to get the items returned until his ban is lifted?
  17. If they used nodus then they have chest finder.
  18. Dun dun dunnnnnnn...
  19. No block placement will ever guarantee protection of a chest. All blocks are sent to the client, including all chests. The purpose of hiding chests for me has always been to ensure that people who take items know they are both hacking and stealing. 500r is too much for me to pay to lock a chest at every site. I need 3 chests. One for finished goods, one for tools, and one for partial stacks. 1500r is a significant cut into the profitability of each site, and over the long run is a worse loss than this single theft.

    Now, the player in question is banned for 6 days. I didn't report them. I didn't take any action whatsoever except to private message them. This means (1) they can not give any items back until the 6 days are up, (2) once they get back, and if they come back, they have no easy resolution by returning the items. If they do return, are the items theirs to keep?

    I don't know if they stole something from someone else, or it was just me, or what, but I personally would much rather get the items back than anything else.
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  20. If money is a problem, I can donate some money in order to get you started on locking the chests.