Can Ice form in town

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  1. Since I seldom spent any time in town I have no first hand knowledge of this. And since I want to build an ice machine, and town has the best loaded-chunk time, I would prefer to do it there, but first I have to know if it's possible. Can ice form in town? Granted your residence is in a snow biome.
  2. Yes it can, if your lot is in a snowy biome.
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  3. You beat me to it :(
  4. How can you tell which biome is a snowy one?
  5. Hit F3.
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  6. ...or ice plains i am currently in...
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  7. I have a ice farm on 9140 but thinking about making loads because me and my friend + bro own res;

    they they are all in Ice Plains so im thinking of doing a 60x60 ice farm
  8. I created a new thread, since I'm looking a res with an ice biome to build my ice block machine.

    Thread here.