[Looking for] res with snow biome for Ice Cube Machine

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  1. I just finished building an Ice Cube Machine that produces and stores 1584 ice blocks, at a rate of about 1 ice block every 13 seconds. It's completely automatic, no clocks or any other lag inducing elements, and has a manual on/off switch in addition to an automatic shut down when it's full.


    2012-09-19_11.02.49.png 2012-09-19_11.03.09.png 2012-09-19_11.04.04.png

    The machine need needs to be loaded in memory for about 6 hours to be completely full, although whatever ice it has can be harvested at any point.

    At first I thought about building this machine in the wild, but the closest snow biome was too far from any base, and so the machine was going to spend much of it's time unloaded, and thus not working.

    But since town has in average more players logged in, by building it there it could work much better; unfortunately my res is not on a snow biome, and I don't feel like changing it just for that, so I'm looking for someone with a res on a snow biome that will let me build this machine there.

    I will neither pay nor charge any rupees for building this. I will provide all the supplies needed to build it, and all I want is free access to gather ice when I need it, (most of the time I won't need ice, so the rest of the ice will belong to the owner of the plot, to build, sell or melt at will)

    The machine needs a volume of 43 x 29 x 20 (side x side x height), it can be build in any orientation and at any height, provided the 16 water blocks have direct view of the sky. I will build only the machine, as seen on the images, any casing of buiding around it would be made by the owner of the plot, if so he desires.

    If at any point in the future the owner of the plot does not want the machine any longer, just let me know and I will go and demolish the whole thing.

    So, if anyone has a snow biome res and wants to have this machine build there, please respond to this thread.

    Thanks you.

    PS. For anyone curious, here's the list of materials:

    1233(19.26 stacks) opaque full blocks (base building material)
    687 (10.73 stacks) redstone dust
    192 ( 3.00 stacks) pistons
    157 ( 2.45 stacks) half slabs
    110 ( 1.72 stacks) redstone repeaters
    54 ( 0.84 stacks) redstone torches
    53 ( 0.82 stacks) sticky pistons
    48 ( 0.75 stacks) transparent, pushable blocks (glass, fence post, glass pane, iron bars, trap door, piston, sticky piston)
    43 ( 0.67 stacks) non-pushable blocks (obsidian, sign, chest, ender chest, furnace, dispenser, note block, jukebox, enchanting table)
    41 ( 0.64 stacks) light blocks (glowstone, jack-o-lanterns)
    16 ( 0.25 stacks) glowstone
    5 ( 0.07 stacks) levers

    3 signs
    11 ladder
    34 half slabs
    1 stair

    Transparent, illuminated floor:
    155 (2.42 stacks) glass
    155 (2.42 stacks) solid blocks
    155 (2.42 stacks) light blocks (glowstone, jack-o-lantern)
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  2. Why don't you buy diamond/gold supporter yourself? People get rupee hungry and make you pay a rent.
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  3. I'll trust that won't happen.
  4. Wonder if this would fit in a fridge :p a cool ice maker. :cool:
  5. you can make this at my res on smp 9 i don't have anything built above ground there anyeays
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  6. You, sir, are amazing at redstone.
  7. If you sold these you could make lots of munnies
  8. If you don't use Jeffs' plot. Find one and I'll claim it. I have two unclaimed residents. However I may only be diamond for another month or so.
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  9. I don't have a residence for you to build it on, but... I think it looks amazing. If you complete it- I will want to see it :D
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  10. If vividOptimism figures out for sure that he won't be a diamond supporter in a month or so, you can do it on my Utopia residence. I will be diamond for a long time from now. Also, I "think" your machine will fit on the residence. If not I can easily tear down the little building I have on it to make room. :)
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  11. Ok i set up some chests for you to store your equipment/ excess ice feel free to use them( i won't take from them so don't be afraid to store stuff there) Also i gave you all the flags except for container so feel free to start building whenever you want.
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  12. Great invention man! Awesome!
    Also try selling it to big supporters.
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  13. Ya! if i still played id pay a lot for you to build one of these for me :)
  14. I have an empty res...........you can have it if you want......
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  15. Thank you, since you were the first to respond, I will build in your residence. Now I need to know exactly where do you want me to build, I can do it at ground level or close to the sky limit, your choice. You also need to decide the orientation of the apparatus, in which direction should the "entrance" be (where you go to mine the ice).

    Thanks to all other offers; depending on the result of this I might decide to build others for charge.

    I'll let you know when it's finished.
  16. Very nice machine! I'd love to see it in action someday. If and when it's built, would you please post the res # on this thread? Thanx
  17. You can actually come visit and view the machine on smp 9 res # 19140. Im not sure if it is fully complete yet but it looks really good so far
  18. Unfortunately, and sadly quite foreseeable, the port from single player to multiplayer proved tricky. Even after fixing some weird redstone and light issues, the real problem is the speed. On single player 8 ice-locations provided about 1 ice block every 30 seconds, but when I finished the first 8 location on SMP, I only got about 1 ice block every 5 minutes (10 times slower).

    So I stopped the construction to try and find a solution.

    I did. I manage to repack the design, and with only an area increment of 30% increase ice productivity by 400%, I'm making the final touches to the design in single player, and after that I will be (painfully) destroying everything already constructed and started with the new design, which will produce an ice block every 30 seconds, even if the server is 10 times slower than single player.
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  19. And it's finished!!!

    2012-10-08_19.01.27.png 2012-10-08_19.01.48.png

    It was a lot harder than I expected, specially considering I had to demolish a lot of it when I changed the design, but it's finally done.

    The machine works as expected, with a measured output of 1 ice block every 28.23 seconds at a /lag level of about 15TPS, so pretty good overall. If anyone wants to see it in action, go to SqiggleyJeff plot on SMP9 (19140).

    And many thanks to SqiggleyJeff for allowing me to build in his plot.

    For anyone interested, here's some details:

    Size: 41 x 54 x 21

    4038 (63.09 stacks) opaque full blocks (base building material)
    1414 (22.09 stacks) redstone dust
    404 ( 6.31 stacks) light blocks (glowstone, jack-o-lanterns)
    396 ( 6.18 stacks) half slabs
    349 ( 5.45 stacks) pistons
    264 ( 4.12 stacks) redstone torches
    218 ( 3.40 stacks) redstone repeaters
    203 ( 3.17 stacks) sticky pistons
    159 ( 2.48 stacks) non-pushable blocks (obsidian, sign, chest, ender chest, furnace, dispenser, note block, jukebox, enchanting table)
    155 ( 2.42 stacks) glass
    72 ( 1.12 stacks) levers
    20 ( 0.31 stacks) torches
    11 ( 0.17 stacks) climbable transparent blocks (ladder, vines)
    3 ( 0.04 stacks) signs
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  20. Very impressive design, Yamanqui! I'm sure SquggleyJeff is proud to have such an awesome machine on his residence. :)