Can I sign in anonymously?

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  1. Hey all.
    I have a problem. My parents use my little brothers' login to check if I'm online and rant about it, even if I'm 19. Is there a way for me to not appear on the login stats?
  2. For ingame, I think there is no way, but on the forum you can under -->settings-->privace there is the option ,, Show your online status''
  3. Thanks for the tip, but it does not work for in game... darn.
  4. Become moderator and use /vanish?
  5. Only snr. staff/admins can use /vanish which is a shame for you. Maybe make another account, completely unrelated to this one? No one deserves to miss out on EMC :p
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  6. If you're 19 your parents have no control over you - you're an adult. There is no way to sign in anonymously. Maybe talk to them about it? Surely you have time to yourself and human rights.
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  7. Change your little brothers password:p
  8. How little is your little brother? If parents paid/are paying for his account they might not let him, but can you ask him to change his password so they can't use it?

    But geez, 19 and parents nagging you about it? Do you live in the same house as them? Why can't they just come to your room and see what you're doing if they're so nosy?
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  9. I have a 20 year old son who's going to college. I don't try to control my son. I do try to influence him to make good decisions. 18 isn't some magical age that makes us make good decisions. Look at car crash statistics. People between the ages of 15 and 24 are the most likely affected by car accidents. Passenger or driver doesn't matter. If they were making good decisions, there wouldn't be so many.

    As I recall, if you are under 25 here in the states, they take your parent's income into account when you apply for financial aid. The left over either he or I pay for, and it's a lot, since I make enough to be too "rich" for much of any aid. He's also on my insurance and doesn't need an individual policy until he's 22, I think.

    Sure, he could quit school and go work somewhere and pay for everything himself, but I hope that the extra time he spends in this intermediate stage of his life gives him a good boost later on. It worked for me.

    If he wanted to sacrifice his grades to play a video game that is certainly his choice, but I wouldn't approve of it. I also wouldn't want to waste my money paying for something he wasn't interested in, so he would have to start paying for all the classes he flunked out of himself.

    There are ways to get around them, like alts. If the OP's parents think he is spending too much time playing games, I hope he at least considers that they care for him and that maybe they are right.
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