Can anyone make this for me?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by SthenosX, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone hope you all are well! I was wondering if anyone could fix my current skin to be winterized you know like a eskimo but with my face....I would pay 400 rupees to the one i like best (if i get more than one XD) Thanks in advance!
  2. We need your skin to edit it...
  3. Um, post your skin first?
  4. We need your current skin first - I don't believe we can access it anywhere
  5. Minershoes.
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  6. Yeah i dont have it lol miners need cool shoes you can search it
  7. Thanks RainbowChin!
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  8. np :)
  9. Wow that kinda sucks that people can edit/download your skin. :/ I didn't make mine to hand out to everyone and their grandma, I made it for personal use.
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  10. Well that's the way it is unfortunately.
    And besides, wouldn't you want people to appreciate your hard work?
    Imitation is the best from of flattery.
  11. Yes but I prefer to different than everyone else. There are already too many people with Trollface, too many people with suits, assassins creed guys, kids with the emo hair over their eye. I want to stand out, not be a clone.
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  12. And you do, be proud of that.
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  13. Anyone working on one?

  14. Well I'm not sorry :p
    I'm not very good with skins.
    I just put the skin up for anyone that is.
  15. I'm working on it. Should be done by tomorrow.
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  16. Thank you so so much! Im sure i will love it!
    (if i love it alot i will throw in some extra prizes :))
  17. Im working on it :D
  18. Yes. Yes. And yes. Did I already say yes?

    I cannot stand all of these similar skins. One or two people have it? Fine with me.
    About everyone who plays Minecraft has it? Not okay with me.

    I was once playing this adventure map in MC. MC crashes, and I reboot into my game. What is my skin now? My skin I want? Nope. So it's Steve, right? No. I find my character as one of the "teenager" skins. I. Went. Absolutely. BALLISTIC. I had not changed my skin to this. I think that skin is getting old, IMO.

  19. Ah yes, the teenager skin, arguably the worst offender of over used skins.
    I presume you mean this one?
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