Can anyone help with WorldDownloader?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ThaKloned, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. I can't seem to get this mod working properly. It's one of the mods on the approved mods list. I want to download my little area near my base so that I can open it up in creative SP and build things like a sorter, general decorating, etc. so that when I get something I like I can just build it on here.

    I can get the mod running and able to click on the 'Download World' button but when I click on 'Stop Download' it just says saving and then nothing happens. I've left it for 30 mins. 1 time and nothing. The area I'm trying to download is not massively huge. An area of about 70 blocks on all sides would be enough.

    Does anyone have experience using this or know of another way to get this to SP?
  2. Did you try reinstalling it to see if there was a problem?
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  3. Well I feel like a fool now lol I went to the link again and it seems they released a new version recently. Downloaded that one it worked :p Was able to open my build in SP.

    Sorry to waste everyone's time :confused:
  4. You know what that means? Hehehe
  5. Yes that I am a fool today :D
  6. It's confidential...
  7. Man I love this mod! lol no more MC OCD can build in creative first until I like it :p
  8. I'll get it. I have some... Uses for it.