Can admins/mods look at this please?

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Have you experienced this before?

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  1. I have a cousin named lava_superman who cannot connect to any empire minecraft server AT ALL. Is he banned? I really want to know because I really want him to join empire minecraft, and play minecraft together. Any idea if he is banned or not?
  2. Oh by the way sorry for the color red, I was trying to use colored text to get your attention.
    And my computer is not the problem because I tried logging him in on five of them and it didn't work.
  3. I have not erienced this before :p
  4. LOL stupid spell check always making me look stupid. (sigh) I meant experienced.
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  5. You misspelled it, thats not a real word. So your lying about spell check, its okay if you misspell. I sometimes do it to....

    Erienced isn't in the diactionary.... :p
  6. Well then maybe I dunno.after all this keyboard was rearranged funny and the keys are tiny lol
  7. Post a screenshot of what happens when he attempts to join.
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  9. He's not signed up here, that is the problem. He needs to join and restart MC then he can connect.
    (a little search for his name on the members page makes this obvious)
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  10. Is he getting a message that says "Join for free at"? If so, then he needs to come here and do that.
  11. Sorry. Anyway I don't care much.
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  12. JP, Why does it seem to me that all you want to do is troll?
  13. Actually no it says:
    [/red] Disconnected by server
    [/blue] See http// for more details
    [/red] Error code: 7cf33aa
  14. Why does it seem you always have a lame excuse for a simple error
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  15. Fine, since everyone says this, I decide that I will not post on this item if it makes you happy. Or do not look at my stuff.
  16. JP it most likely means he needs to register on the site.. If you want to do it for him go ahead
  17. Yes, but the problem is we use the same e-mails to get our accounts.
  18. Surely you can tell that's what Secret is refering to?...
  19. Just make a new email so sort out that problem...