[CAMERAS] Camcorder or DSLR? Suggestions Please!

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new camera to take videos down at the local race track. I'm looking to take good quality videos of cars from a viewing stand looking down at the track so a decent zoom would be nice, but nothing absolutely amazing and professional grade is needed.

    I have been suggested GoPros, camcorders and SDLRs and I'm not sure what would be best here. The GoPro doesn't have zoom and has a fish eye so for now it's a no to that, and the DSLR looks a little more based for still images which I don't really need it to do. I'm not sure how the DSLR would handle the videos, the camcorders may be better at doing that. So, based on my first paragraph, what do you think it best for me? Can you recommend my any specific cameras?

    I'm not looking to break the bank massively on this one either, so go easy on prices. Thanks everyone! :)
  2. Bump, need opinions please! :D
  3. Check out this article Fendy, this site produces some great stuff.

    Hope it helps :)
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  4. That's got it all condensed pretty nicely, thanks Stew! At the minute it looks like a camcorder perhaps but I'll need one with decent quality and a good lens by the looks of it! I think the camcorders are usually cheaper too which is a plus, but I'll still have to look into whether that would sacrifice quality massively or not :p
  5. Check out their store too, they have everything organized and priced decently (not sure if they ship internationally, but you could always find the same product). That site was recommended by my Photography teacher, for all things photography.
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  6. Any more opinions? Hoping to get the camera soon :p
  7. May be ordering this weekend (hopefully) so make sure you give your opinion to Fendy! Thanks.
  8. Remind me later on (via PM, if you can send me a PM at like 4PM ur time. You are GMT right? GMT-4= EMC Time?) I can ask my camera friend his opinion in school tomorrow. He will be able to give me a VERY thorough explanation because if it deals with cameras, he talks alot about it :)
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  9. As in tomorrow? EMC Time is 5 hours behind GMT currently (after the daylight savings I believe) :) Still 4PM then or would that be 5PM you want me to message you? I'll write myself a note so I can remember, thanks :D
  10. Send me the PM at 4PM your time, I will remember. :)
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  11. Will do, thanks :)
  12. If you're not interested in taking pictures, get a camcorder, but be aware that there are some really bad ones around.

    However, if you want to take some pictures along with the video, I'd certainly get a DSLR. I've seen DSLR's used to film movies and TV shows, so they definitely have good video capability.
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  13. Thanks for the info mba, do you have any tips for spotting bad camcorders?
  14. Not really. I don't use them very much, but most of the one's I have used (the brands of which I can't remember) have been fairly poor :p

    Also, another point to add, I find DSLR's are often easier to use than a camcorder.
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  15. In professional film making and stuff or high quality video shoots, people often use a DSLR rather than a camcorder.
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  16. Any reason for this?
  17. Because they are able to maneuver their DSLR more than with a camcorder. With a DSLR, you can change the settings more like the exposure, ISO, etc. and have a manual control of things like zoom, the type of view through the camera lens, etc.

    But the camcorder is great for beginners. It has an autozoom and you don't need to buy lenses to zoom in and out. The videos are generally really nice if you buy a good camcorder. But the DSLR has more "information" in it so during color correction and such, you're able to make it look really good with all the information.
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  18. The Nikon D7000 (From online reviews of around 3,000) has a 4.7-star review. I've had personal experiences with Nikon DSLRs in the past as well, and they are of very good quality :) 370 USD, so I hope that's not a bank-breaker
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